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Pioneer Outdoor Ad. Campaign

Branding on portable digital billboard is a pioneer model in the advertising arena of Bangladesh, & we are the first LPG as well as energy company that has projected the brand on it. Shared clip is the glimpse of this outdoor ad. campaign run all over Dhaka city.

Giving Stationaries to Underprivileged Kids

LAUGFS Bangladesh’s motto: Charity begins at home but shouldn't end there... so here we’re, doing our part, giving away stationaries to one of the schools named Born to Smile that teaches underprivileged kids.. & last but not the least, we shall always remember- " He Who Opens a School Door, Closes a Prison " ...

Ramadan Fest 2016

LAUGFS Gas Bangladesh celebrated Ramadan this year together with channel partners, key customers and other stakeholders, with 7 Iftar programs carried out accross the country. Exclusive LAUGFS branded gift hampers were also distributed for Eid in the presence of media. Senior officials of LAUGFS Bangladesh also ensured their presence in all these events
The LAUGFS brand was introduced to all our channel partners via these events with the official announcement letter and LAUGFS branded gift packs
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